Trump's upcoming Axios interview looks as bonkers as his Chris Wallace face-plant

Wherein Donald Trump inflates the size of his paltry Tulsa crowd, says he doesn’t need to accept the upcoming election results because Hillary never did, claims that all sorts of people say you can administer too many COVID tests, and insists that he’s sitting down for a lengthy interview with the “fake news.”

In other words, pretty much what you’d expect.



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“Read the manuals. Read the books.”

“Manuals? What manuals?”

“Read the books. Read the books.”

“What books?”

— worst Abbott and Costello routine ever

This looks like a tough, revealing interview, but then this clip feels a little like NASCAR airing a race promo featuring nothing but grisly car crashes. Then again, all Trump interviews are just a series of lurid calamities. I keep expecting him to walk away from one of these looking around in confusion for his arm like that soldier in the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan.

Of course, this follows Trump’s widely publicized Chris Wallace interview, which was essentially a lengthy wellness check that for some reason we were all invited to. (He failed.)

Earlier in the week, Axios also released a clip of Trump discussing BountyGate and the fact that he never confronted Vladimir Putin with intelligence findings that Russia was paying Taliban fighters to kill our soldiers.


The interview airs on Monday on all HBO platforms. 

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