The Trump-Cheney schism is scary for the country, but it should be even more frightening for the GOP

Donald Trump

Whenever I feel compelled to freak myself out about the GOP’s seemingly ineluctable march toward cult-of-personality authoritarianism, I have to remind myself that Republicans might not be Hitler boof stormtroopers so much as they’re just lemmings.

For the most part, rank-and-file Republicans still love the guy who tried to geld our democracy with his sputtering lies and audacious bid to reverse the verified and certified results of an election he (very clearly) lost. By a lot. I’ve laughed plenty at this braying buffoon, who, to his most fervent fans, is a semi-divine demiurge reconstituting our democracy at an elemental level out of air, earth, fire, and flop sweat.

But while I frequently laugh at this sudoriferous sack of gently used dildos, make no mistake: I’m scared shitless of Donald Trump for one key reason—he has absolutely no shame. Zero. Zilch. Nada. None.

  • May 8, 2021