SAY WHAT? Politician embarrassed to be a Republican says impeachment managers are the conservatives

SAY WHAT? Politician embarrassed to be a Republican says impeachment managers are the conservatives.

I had to do a double-take on this. As poor health & economic outcomes and tolerance for crooked politicians have become its signature, this Republican is trying to redefine conservatism.

A republican redefining conservatism

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For Congressman Denver Riggleman appeared on MSNBC. He showed his embarrassment for his Republican Party. But in doing so, he said one of the most comical statements about the impeachment managers and conservatism.

“I feel like it is almost like Jamie and Joe and the impeachment managers are actually making a case for conservatism,” the deluded Republican said. “It seems like they are the ones saying we should conserve the Republic. We should conserve the Western institutions, really, civilization. We should conserve the constitutional law that we live under. That we should conserve the peaceful transfer of power.”

The thing is, I do not know any Progressive who does not believe those things. What we have on display is a majority of Conservative Senators and Congresspersons who do not. So Mr. Riggleman, let’s not try to put the unpatriotism that has been displayed by the Right for decades culminating in an unpatriotic seditious insurrection that attempted to topple our government onto a group of dedicated impeachment managers attempting to make at least 17 Republicans do the moral and patriotic thing.

Conservative and neoliberal policies have been wreaking havoc on our country for decades. Many of those impeachment managers support policies that keep the middle-class strong and the poor well-supported to ensure we can maintain a constitutional and stable Republic.

The recent unjustified unpatriotic seditious insurrection and the justified justice protests this summer can be traced directly to the implementation of Conservative and neoliberal policies. From the exacerbation of economic inequality to the racist justice system to coddled murderous police to environmental destruction and much more, Conservatives have much to atone for now. Trying to deflect its natural outcome must not be tolerated or allowed to go unanswered.

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  • February 11, 2021