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probable cause and a 'bribery for pardon' investigation involving the White House

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There was a partial unsealing in the DC district court involving a bribery for pardon scheme several months ago. Lots of redaction in the document, and it’s unclear who was involved other than an attorney acting as an intermediary in a ‘pay-to-play’ scheme. One element was a lobbying scheme, and then there was the pay-to-play scheme.…


The documents discuss whether prosecutors can review documents that may have been protected by attorney-client privilege and were seized as a result of a search warrant.

The opinion, entered by Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell on Aug. 28, is tied to an ongoing investigation that may involve at least two individuals who “acted as lobbyists to senior White House officials, without complying with the registration requirement of the Lobbying Disclosure Act… to secure ‘a pardon or reprieve of sentence for” one individual whose name is redacted.

The investigation also involves an alleged offer by another individual to “offer a substantial political contribution in exchange for a presidential pardon or reprieve of sentence.”…

Some speculation extrapolating from the 20 page document.


The person “offering” the bribe had substantially contributed to the recipient’s campaign, and would assure continuing/future “substantial political contributions.”


Lots of guessing because of punctuation adjacent to redaction:


Then there’s adjacent activity, as Bill Barr hid that someone was trying to bribe Trump for a pardon through the entire 2020 election.



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