Trump is not exactly an author of any Emancipation Proclamations. Trump implies that he will retaliate against private social media but if he chooses anything remotely constitutional, he may actually have to address issues of fact weighed against his usual lies. But he does need diversions from the over 100,000 dead, and calls to persecute Twitter are likely to blow-up in Trump’s face. Perhaps Trump will resurrect his call for “warning labels” for bad people on Twitter.


By analyzing a dataset consisting of 10.1 million U.S. Facebook users, a 2014 study demonstrated that liberal users are less likely than their conservative counterparts to get exposed to news content that oppose their political views. Another analysis of Yahoo! search queries concluded that “more right-leaning a query it is, the more negative sentiments can be found in its search results.”


The calls for regulating social media and technology companies are politically motivated. Conservatives who support these policies argue that their freedom of speech is being undermined by social media companies who censor their voice. Conservatives who celebrate constitutional originalism should remember that the First Amendment protects against censorship by government. Social media companies are all private businesses with discretion over the content they wish to promote, and any effort by government to influence what social media platforms promote risks violating the First Amendment.

Moreover, the current position of the conservatives are in direct contrast to their positions on “Fairness Doctrine”. As my colleague Tom Wheeler explains here, “when the Fairness Doctrine was repealed in the Reagan Administration, it was hailed by Republicans as a victory for free speech.” Republicans should apply the same standard to both traditional media and the modern day social media. If they believe requiring TV and radio channels to present a fair balance of both sides is a violation of free speech, how can they favor imposing the exact same requirement on social media platforms?

Furthermore, the government intervention that they propose is potentially more damaging than the problem they want to solve. If conservatives believe that certain businesses have enough power and influence to infringe on their freedom of speech, how can they propose government, a much more powerful and influential entity, to enter this space? While President Trump’s administration and a Republican controlled Congress may set policies that would favor conservatives in the short term, they will also be setting a very dangerous precedent which would allow later governments to interfere with these companies and other news organizations in future. If they believe that today’s Twitter has enough power and will to censor them, they should be terrified of allowing tomorrow’s government to do so.…

Much like folks in DK, taking some things literally but similar things figuratively is at the root of most hide-rating. Today Twitter went stupid again because a professional comedian should know better than a realty-show buffoon IMPOTUS*.

First, let’s start with what got Kathy Griffin a stint up the river in Twitmo.
In one of his daily meandering assaults on grammar and syntax Trump mused about whether he should maybe indulge in a little insulin.
Insulin. Maybe try it. Like it’s a spa treatment.
Suggesting possibly taking medically unnecessary treatments on a whim which could put a person in a coma or kill them…
That seems kind of bad for a president to do.
Let’s put aside the sheer mind-numbing stupidity of that statement though.
In response, Griffin posted on Twitter: “syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick.”
Again, Kathy Griffin is a comedian. She is not a staff physician at Walter Reade.
It seems somewhat unlikely Trump’s physicians consult her for medical direction.
Few people wilt the fragile flowers over on the right more than Griffin though.
So the usual asshatted outlets jumped in to both misrepresent the tweet itself and feign horror.
Delicate little daisies, they are.

So, Kathy Griffin was forced to delete the post and got a Twitmo stretch for a joke that might have been unkind but certainly wasn’t a threat.
But Twitter took a comedian literally.
Remember that statement. It will come up again shortly.

Now, let’s pivot over to looking at how Twitter polices its own rules when Trump isn’t the target but is instead the author.
Trump threatened to commit an international war crime against Iran.
Twitter was fine with it.

He falsely accused several Members of Congress of treason – a crime which can carry the death penalty – and Twitter was… fine with it.
He tweeted openly racist remarks about several other Members of Congress.
Twitter then embarrassingly tried to pretend the statements weren’t actually racist… but couldn’t even conjure up a rationale for that absurd conclusion.…
About a year ago, after the bloviating fuckwit had broken myriad rules without consequence, Twitter swore they meant business this time!
They would… leave up tweets from world leaders that violated its rules (read: Trump) but would flag them!
…but then that made Commander Babyfingers and his army of dimwitted jackanapes’ super upset so Twitter just… didn’t actually do it.…

And to excuse that, they made up ludicrous workarounds like leaving up tweets that were “direct communications” between Trump and other world leaders.
Follow that one…
Trump threatening to nuke some random dude: bad!
Threatening to nuke a foreign leader: no problem




Twitter has now spent four years alternating between 1) running off like scared mice; and 2) foisting new, toothless, unenforced “rules” it swears it is double-extra-serious about this time.
Nobody buys it.
Least of all Trump.
He knows Twitter is either impotent, incompetent or complicit.
And when a narcissist sees someone that effing weak, they will run them over in their car and then back up to laugh at them for letting them.
And so now Trump is doing whatever he wants.
Whether that is vomiting up illegitimate medical claims or that wouldn’t in any way cure you but might actually kill you.


Or inciting people to violate lawful state orders and disregard public safety during a pandemic…






Or falsely accusing someone of murder… and therefore tormenting the grieving spouse of a woman who died tragically of a heart condition.






Or lying about mail-in balloting in an effort to corrupt an election.
Oh, but Twitter put a little disclaimer on those. My goodness, the boldness!
“You can try to rig an election… but not without us adding a footnote! Take that!”




So, let’s bring all of this together with a tidy bow.
The Twitter cops slapped a comedian with a suspension for a joke.
Trump craps on their lunch tray daily and dares them to do something about it.
Trump knows they’re too cowardly to enforce any rule they set for him.

If Twitter actually had a collective spinal column, they would
Suspending a comedian while enabling a clown.
What a freaking joke.


  • May 28, 2020
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