I mean, just because Donald Trump has the delicate, milky-white hands of a Precious Moments doll and the dyspeptic temperament of a purse poodle doesn’t mean we should call him #PresidentKaren. Just because he’s the whiniest, most privileged little fanny pack full of grievances in the known universe doesn’t mean we should try to get #PresidentKaren trending. And someone needs to tell these people tout de suite:



— Puppy Crack (@Puppy_Crack) May 28, 2020


— Think. (@BireshT) May 28, 2020


— Hear Me Roar (@Stop_Trump20) May 27, 2020

— John Hook (@ChiVoltage66) May 28, 2020


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So please, just stop. It’s not funny … at all. So Trump wants to sign an obviously unconstitutional executive order demanding Twitter, uh, let him endlessly bullshit the country. Or something.

That doesn’t mean he’s #PresidentKaren.

And you really need to stop using that hashtag.

Try this one instead: #CarolynGombell

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