However, like Rudy’s Four Seasons landscaping company stunt, apparently Project Lincoln among other never-Trumper organizations are also another cause of 1/6. Apparently, Steve Bannon is now the voice of reason, asking for proof. When the going gets tough, triangulate your disinformation. Because Mitt Romney is all about a revolutionary vanguard, correct?

When Bannon pressed Giuliani to reveal the name of the person associated with the Lincoln Project responsible for organizing the riots he said he couldn’t reveal that information “because we have that from anonymous sources,” but said “he worked in the past for [MittRomney.”

Conspiracy theorist and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, continued to serve up a series of falsehoods and dubious claims about the 2020 presidential election and about what happened on Jan. 6, baselessly claiming that Trump’s enemies were responsible for the planning the assault on the U.S. Capitol.

Appearing on pardoned former Donald Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, Giuliani laid out what he thought was Trump’s best strategy going into his impending impeachment trial in the Senate next month.

“If the case is mainly that he caused this—he caused the insurrection—then the defense is going to have to show that this thing was planned and that a lot of the people involved in the planning—Antifa, and then even some right wing groups who are enemies of his—and that they were doing it in order to hurt him. Including some right-wing groups that operate for the Lincoln Project or have been working with the Lincoln Project at various times,” Giuliani said.

Bannon then interjected, asking what groups Giuliani was suggesting were working with the group.

“One of the people who organized this is well known to have worked with the Lincoln Project in the past. One of the people involved brought in right-wing groups that opposed Trump, and he brought them in specifically to blow this thing up,” Giuliani responded. “He had the same motivation the Antifa people had. So it isn’t as if all these right-wing groups were all pro-Trump. And the biggest problems—violent problems—were caused by Antifa. That’s where the shooting took place. That was surrounded by all Antifa people. So how can [Trump] be held responsible for a whole thing that’s planned days before he’s going to speak that has a mixture of people that hate him and people that support him.”…

I’ve had to repeatedly remind myself that yes, it was bad. It was horrifying. It was awful. It was one of the weirdest days of my life.

“To put it simply, the vibe in the chamber is incredibly weird,” I wrote in my unsent email. “Protesters are overrunning the barricades outside. But inside the Senate chamber, it’s like another world, cushioned from outside interference by thick walls and C-SPAN cameras.”

“There’s an extreme dissonance between the mood outside of the building and inside the Capitol. Objecting senators are acting as if this is business as usual,” I continued.

As I finished writing these words, Paul Kane of The Washington Post emerged from the Senate chamber. “Pence has left!” he shouted. He jogged through the rest of the gallery, shouting his message, the Paul Revere of the Capitol Hill press.

I assumed that the demonstrations outside must have gotten a bit too rowdy and Secret Service had removed Vice President Mike Pence out of an abundance of caution. Instead of sending my wordier email describing the mood in the chamber, I sent an email at 2:14 p.m. with the subject line “Pence has left.”

“Pence has left Senate chamber, perhaps for security reasons. They’re locking us in the press room,” I wrote. A frazzled Capitol police officer had just told Senate gallery staff to lock the doors.

I learned several days later that the rioters almost got into the Senate chamber at just about 2:14 p.m. Igor Bobic of HuffPost filmed a video, which he tweeted at 2:16 p.m., of Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman directing shouting demonstrators up the stairs and away from the Senate chamber. If Goodman hadn’t been there, if he hadn’t instead herded the rioters into a corridor where other Capitol Police were waiting, they probably would have entered the chamber then, seriously endangering Pence, around 100 senators and the reporters on the balcony.

Shortly after I sent the email about Pence, staffers shouted to the rest of us still sitting in the gallery that we needed to get inside the chamber. I hesitated, unwilling to leave my laptop and phone while I was locked in. I impulsively grabbed my laptop and ran to the door just as they were locking it. I squeezed in through the door onto the balcony, getting bruised as it hit me.…

  • January 29, 2021