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Hunger in Florida. SNAP cuts hurt the most vunerable and it is really bad !

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I spoke to my sister who is 65 and caring for her two grown grandchildren.  One is in and out the hospital with Diabetic neuropathy and the other with Autism.  They lost their Mother in 2000 when they were small and the Mother was  her only child.  She  was hit by a DUI driver in Ga as she dropped the boys off in Daycare.  My sister  went from 165.00 a month to 6 dollars a month.   I spoke to a Kossack who went from 300.00 a month to 40.00 a month.  She is disabled and has a very disabled child.   I am pretty angry about this.   These people I know.   They are full time caretakers and either elderly or disabled and taking care of disabled.  They are unable to work.…

That’s because the Trump administration proposed a new rule earlier this week that would curb enrollment in food stamps (formally called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP) by 3.1 million people nationwide. Fueling the policy change — as explained by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue — is a perception that a “loophole” is making SNAP enrollment easy to game, keeping assistance from reaching only those who need it most.

Specifically, the USDA’s new rule cracks down on a policy used in 43 states — including Florida — called broad-based categorical eligibility, or BBCE, a provision that lets low-income people access food stamps more easily. Limiting BBCE would result, according to the USDA, in a budget windfall of $2.5 billion a year.

This is a Trump thing.   The two I know who were cut significantly vote Dem.  The article went on to say, mostly democratic folks are affected.

Trump put this in place in September 2019.  They are feeling it in Nov.  I suppose it took a month to scratch that many people off the food program.


Back in 2017, the Florida legislature considered a “family self-sufficiency” bill that, much like the new Trump rule, would have limited the state’s ability to enroll families in SNAP through BBCE. According to a House of Representative staff analysis of that bill, curbing BBCE would at the time have made 229,311 of SNAP recipients in the state no longer eligible because of income and asset limit changes. That would have been good for nearly seven percent of all Floridians enrolled in the food stamp program.

“At that time they also determined that the biggest group of people that would be affected would be children. Between eight and nine percent of all kids who were getting SNAP would lose their eligibility, and that would be well over 100,000 children,” said Huddleston. “The next group who would have mostly likely been affected would be people who are elderly or people who have disabilities.”

This is torture  one bite at a time.   I have been hungry before.   People who make these kind of policies never have gone a day with a hunger knawing in their gut.   They have no clue.  We are in a clueless America.   


Florida  man might want to rethink his Florida move.  It might not be as pleasant as he thinks.   Hungry people are here.

Those of us who have food are going broke trying to feed those who have been cut.   Republicans aren’t trying to feed anyone… Just those who have the least to give.   

I want every republican to lose their seat in 2020.  I want Trump in jail.

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