Rep. Jim Himes (D) on Fox: “GOP Has Become A “Personality Cult”.

Rep. Jim Himes from Connecticut has been driving the wingnuts to distraction appearing on Fox News lately and today will prove no different…

Real Clear Politics
Jim Himes: Trump Abuses Of Power Make Watergate Look Like “Child's Play,” GOP Has Become A “Personality Cult”

“Rep. Jim Himes, the second-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace on Sunday that Trump's abuses of power involving Ukraine “require a response” and make Watergate “look like child's play.”

“Chris, we're where looking at the abuse of power and a level of corruption here that makes the Nixon impeachment look like child's play. Remember, Nixon wasn't the guy who actually broke into the Democratic lNational Committee headquarters, he just knew about it. Nobody died in Ukraine because Nixon held up aid to a very vulnerable nation. Nixon didn't fire any ambassadors because Giuliani didn't like that ambassador… Read the transcript… At the time Ukraine was at war with Russia and the president decided no aid would flow… These are abuses of power, by any stretch of the imagination, that requires a response,” he said on “FOX News Sunday.””

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