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Things really important to me

First an apology. My post yesterday on my decision to vote for Warren (which I did at about 9:45 AM) and to contribute to her campaign ($100 online) was my first posting here in more than a month. Some may remember that in mid-November I

Barr Says He May Quit. Really??? [UPD*2: Did Barr Box Himself In?]

Breaking from WaPo about 6:20 PST: Barr has told those close to Trump he is considering quitting over the president’s tweets about Justice Dept. investigations Attorney General William P. Barr has told people close to President Trump — both inside and outside the White House

Rudy to Testify? Really? [Updated]

All Washington is astonished that Trump, about to be impeached for putting the arm on Ukraine, sent his personal shyster back to Kyiv to do it some more. But remember that Trump thinks there’s nothing wrong with doing that, because he just knows Joe Biden

So, Denial is Really a River in Ukraine?

In June of 2008, Barack Obama used a rhetorical flourish that belies his character; “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” said the future President. At the time, the then-candidate was on a fundraising junket that I attended (full disclosure)

Do We Really Need Obama 2.0?

Yes, we cannot criticize Barack Obama.  Democratic voters simply will not tolerate any dissing of Obama.  I’m in the distinct minority that thinks Obama wasn’t all peaches and cream, but it will be up to history to judge Obama, not some cranky old progressive from

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Bloomberg sabotaging Biden? Now I am really confused.

I am not a Biden fan by any stretch of the imagination. He falls ahead of Tulsi Gabbard in terms of who I would vote for in a primary, but that’s about it. But I can’t help feel sorry for the guy. It feels like

Trump to politicize Veterans Day ceremony in NYC, really wants boos

Recalling his photo-op use of graves in Normandy, he can’t stop being provocative. BREAKING. This is going to politicize the NYC Veterans Day parade like it’s never been politicized before. Having Trump there will turn a day that is normally about unity, into a controversial,

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Do I still really want to be a teacher?

After this week I have to wonder, for lots of reasons. Let me start by acknowledging that the leadership of the school where I work and my fellow educators are quite supportive of me, and after yesterday’s deadline to notify me if I were not

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Partisans really put me off.

With each election I witness it is becoming quite evident that the last people that should be listened to are the Partisans, hell they can even put you off a candidate that you quite like. Funnily enough this seems to be the fundamental election strategy

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It could be a really strange election

Two more polarizing candidates would be hard to find, Hillary should win a run off judging by the graphs above. However, it would also appear to be a turnout killer. Why turn out for someone you dislike less? It is also the case during a