Hey MSNBC! McConnell, McConnell, McConnell Could Reopen the Government Tomorrow!

Hallie Jackson, Andrea Mitchell, Katy Tur, and Tweety Bird Matthews  were all singing from the same hymnal today about the government shutdown:  “Give in you heartless Democrats!”   Anyway, MSNBC is pushing the narrative that if this government shutdown goes on much longer that Democrats should cave and spare the government workers.

Reminder to MSNBC: 

  • Trump “owns” this government shutdown.
  • McConnell is protecting Trump on the shutdown.
  • It is up to MCCONNELL to take up a bill to reopen the government and override Trump’s veto.

I hate that government workers are political hostages, but if Democrats cave on this issue, Trump will continue to use it.  Period.  If you think government workers are suffering now, how much will they suffer if Trump repeats government shutdowns over and over again?

Therefore, it is up to McConnell who is notorious for destroying democracy and the U.S. Senate to fix this situation.  It is McConnell, not the Democrats, who holds the power here.  It is McConnell who is a liar and a hypocrite enabling Trump to take political hostages.  

Suggestion to MSNBC:  go chase down McConnell for questioning and your sermonizing!