We at DailyKos pride ourselves on dealing with reality. We also understand that even our fiercest opponents are real people with real complexities; we don’t create caricatures of them and promote them as the real thing in order to validate our preconceptions.* In that spirit, I am offering a shout-out to Ted Cruz for doing the right thing and not even grandstanding much about it.

Sen. Ted Cruz to undergo self-quarantine after shaking hands with coronavirus patient

Sen. Cruz said just based on his brief interaction with the coronavirus-infected individual, it didn’t meet the Centers for Prevention and Disease Control’s standards to warrant a self-quarantine.

However, out of an abundance of caution, the senator says he will remain in his Texas home, beginning this week, until a full 14 days have passed.

Cruz is taking the possibility of transmission seriously, unlike some other Republicans we could name, and he is setting an example for them. (Gohmert, I’m looking at you!)

I say he’s not grandstanding because of this little exchange:

Interesting. There hasn't been a single Zodiac killing since Ted Cruz went into self-quarantine.
8:35 PM · Mar 8, 2020·Twitter Web App

To which Cruz responded:


Now, let’s face it, Ted Cruz is the most disliked member of the Senate (and he has Rand Paul for competition!). He would have been a disaster as president, and I hope he gets soundly trounced in his next election. But we do have to give credit where credit is due. Cruz gets credit for doing the right thing, and for doing it with grace.

*Trump is the exception, but that’s because it’s impossible to make him sound worse than he is.

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