Florida Mayor posts Facebook survey to find out if masks 'should continue to be required at schools'

This is why Florida’s COVID-19 cases are surging: These are the people we elect as leaders. 

Instead of listening to medical experts, or the teachers who are risking their lives to teach Florida’s children, Mayor Megan Sladek of Oviedo decided to let Facebook shape her choices.

FACE COVERING SURVEY – after 9 weeks of face-to-face school in Florida, it's worth finding out whether you think face coverings should continue to be required at schools. Please hop over and take this 1-question survey: https://megansladek.com/survey/
NOTE: the inspiration for this survey was a different survey I have seen floating around on Facebook that *might* be related to the Florida Department of Education. It was an anonymous survey with no validation mechanism at all. If anyone attempts to use that survey to influence policy, I want to be sure our community is prepared to share where we actually stand with address-based information. This issue is not related to city business, so your information will NOT be shared with anyone else and will not be a public record.
I will e-mail out the results to everyone who completes the survey Friday night (Oct. 23) by midnight.

Because that’s how pandemics work. It’s been NINE WHOLE WEEKS!  Do you guys think that’s enough?