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Are These Trump Calls to Putin and MBS on the Secret Server Too?

The intelligence whistleblower states that White House lawyers moved the transcript of Trump’s phone call to Zelensky to a stand alone secret server in the White House.  This was done as part of the coverup.  But the whistleblower also states that this is NOT the only time this abuse of intelligence classification was done.  There are other Trump phone calls to world leaders on that secret server.  And here are just a few of the phone calls that Trump made in 2019:

On May 4th, Trump initiated a 1.5 hour phone call with Putin.

President Donald Trump initiated a lengthy call with his Russian counterpart on Friday, in which Vladimir Putin urged sanctions relief for North Korea and warned against interference in Venezuela, the Russian embassy in Washington said.

The leaders’ call lasted for 1.5 hours, according to a post on the embassy’s Facebook page, and the pair discussed a “shared commitment to step up dialogue in various areas, including on issues of strategic stability.” White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Friday the leaders spoke for more than an hour.


Interesting.  Trump discused Ukraine and the “Russian Hoax” with Putin during this phone call.

Then, there was another phone call with Putin on July 31st.

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone Wednesday, the White House confirmed in a two-sentence readout later that night. The readout was released hours after Russia had given notice of the call.

According to the White House, Mr. Trump “expressed concern over the vast wildfires afflicting Siberia” and the leaders “discussed trade between the two countries. But what else they discussed is unclear, and the White House made no mention of any discussion of Russian police using force against Russian protesters. The White House did not say whether the U.S. or Russia initiated the call — the Kremlin claims the U.S. did.

Emboldened is mine.

Then, we have Trump at the G7 in late August arguing for Russia to be allowed to rejoin the G7.

Biarritz, France (CNN) A sharp and sometimes bitter disagreement broke out between President Donald Trump and several G7 leaders over whether to allow Russia back into their club during a welcome dinner on Saturday, according to two diplomatic officials and a senior US official with knowledge of the exchange.

Trump, as he did in public over the course of the summit, ardently advocated for it, the officials said. As the leaders discussed issues like Iran and fires in the Amazon rainforest, Trump interjected and asked why Russia should not be included in the talks, given its size and role in global affairs.

I wonder what Trump and Putin said on those phone calls.  Think those transcripts are on the secret server?  I do.

Then there is Trump’s call to MBS of Saudi Arabia just this month:

President Donald Trump offered U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s self-defense in a call on Saturday with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the White House said.

And remember what Trump said about the Saudis:

I wonder if that call is on the secret server.

My Cynicism Sense is tingling, and I am betting any of those Trump phone calls on the secret server are being deleted.  

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