Age is just a number says Former President Jimmy Carter This man is soooo strong. We are lucky.

There are few heroes around but this is my favorite hero nowadays.   The strength of he and RBG is almost unimaginable.   

Building houses and building faith and fighting for humanity is his lifestyle.

Can you imagine being 95 YOA and working this hard at everything?   America could do well to have  someone like him as President again.  Of course even though he is over 90, he still has more stamina and get up and go than some 50 year olds.

  What still stuns me is that America has been conned a long time.  They threw Carter over for Reagan.  

  • Carter was released on Wednesday morning “after successful surgery and recovery to relieve pressure on his brain caused by a subdural hematoma,” the Carter Center said in a statement.
  • The former president will head home to spent holidays with his family, according to a Carter Center statement.
  • A Nobel Peace Prize winner, Carter has become an internationally known humanitarian and global fixture following his one-term presidency, which ended in early 1981.

The little church in Plains now has an African American pastor.  According to President Carter,  international visitors do come to the little church and is welcomed.   No one is turned away.  Muslim, Jews, and other religions come to Plains to hear President Carter teach Sunday School.  Since this is Sunday… please listen to this beautiful interview.……

I hope we can have this hero around for a little while longer.  He is indeed a keeper.…

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