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A few reflections on the state of the Democratic primary contest

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in which I am making no commitment to any candidate, but am laying down several markers, at least as I consider my support.

And I will preface this by noting my spouse is quite impressed by Buttigieg and has contributed to him (2x) and to Inslee (b/c of Jay’s commitment to the environment).

First, unless it comes down to a choice between them I will not support either Biden or Sanders.  Both are several years older than me, the Presidency is a killer job, Reagan when younger than they would be during their term was already showing indications of dementia.  Besides, we have already had three men elected the same year as I was (1946 —  Clinton, GW Bush, and Trump) and I do not think we need to go backward in age.

Second, for myself, there are some people whose track record on issues important to me are disqualifying in the primary contest.  Key among those is Booker because of his track record on education as Mayor of Newark and his refusal to criticize Christie during Bridgegate.  He has also been far too connected to hedge fund types for my comfort.

So if u are interested, continue below the break to see what I have to offer.

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