“We have a lunatic, a full-blown lunatic in the white house” according to Scaramucci.

Anthony Scaramucci to Joy-Ann Reid: We have a lunatic in the white house YT

Anthony Scaramucci did not pull any punches while on AM Joy with Joy-Ann Reid. He came out in full attack mode against President Trump as he called him a lunatic.

Scaramucci:  The President’s a full-blown lunatic”

Reid was decidedly skeptical. Anthony Scaramucci is in the process of creating a PAC to get rid of Trump. Reid queried Scaramucci about commissions he would be receiving from said PAC to which he said he would personally take no money since he does not need it, He just wants to get rid of Trump.

Scaramucci in his quest for “mercy” said the following.

“Joy, if you want to fault me or your viewers want to fault me for getting there late,” Scaramucci said. “I am okay with that. I can accept that because I am a flawed human being. But here is what I would say to everybody. This is an international crisis. And you have to create an offramp for people that did what I did.”

Scaramucci continued that many were spinning a Rubix cube differentiating the good and the bad. He said as time went [paraphrasing], the fog of the moment clouded their judgment.

“It doesn’t really matter right now in terms of what our political differences are,” Scaramucci implored. “We have a lunatic, a full-blown lunatic in the white house that is literally having a nervous breakdown before our eyes.”

That statement says it all and it should resonate throughout the country. We have got to start believing what our eyes are telling us, what the President is articulating, and what we perceive in our brains and our guts.

Scaramucci is right about two things. The President is a lunatic and we should give folks an off-ramp, I recall the transition of a person. a leader in Texas for Trump who I interviewed. When she made her break she called me up again for an interview and just recently contacted me about the take over of the Republican Party. While anecdotal, it is happening all over the country. Check out her transition in these blogs.

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