Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick appeared on Tucker Carlson with an absurd notion that the elderly would prefer to die from Coronavirus than to damage the economy.

Are the elderly really willing to die from COVID-19 to prevent an economic downturn?

I could not believe this when I saw it. First of all, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick attempted to sound rational by using a tone that was surprisingly mild.

Most importantly he attempted to seed a notion in the psyche of older folk that since current data indicate that Coronavirus is more deadly on the elderly, that they may not mind taken one for the team to save the young. What he is really trying to plant in the minds of the elderly is that it would be selfish of them to support policies that kept the economy shuttered until COVID-19 is eradicated fully.

Let’s be clear, Dan Patrick leads a government (in Texas the Lieutenant Governor is practically more powerful than the governor) that has ensured that Texas does not accept the Medicaid Expansion to the Affordable Care Act. That means over one million Texans that otherwise would have been insured are left without. For the first three years, Texas would have gotten 100% of the bill paid. Thereafter, Texas would only be responsible for 10%. Where was Dan Patrick’s care for the young people and humanity then and now? Tens of thousands of Texans have subsequently died because of the policies in this state, voluntary homicide on the part of Republican politicians. Why voluntary, they knew their policies would cause premature deaths.

Where is Patrick’s party’s support for policies that give the young people he implies he so cares about now, upward mobility? Medicare for All, Environmental Regulations, Pay-It-Forward College, Student Debt Forgiveness, Family Leave, Child care.

Here is the reality. These rich plutocrats who want Americans back to work care little about the well-being of the young or old. To them, the American worker are just modern-day slaves they are unable to live without. It is in these times one sees the power of the masses. They are nothing without them. In economic terms, they have always enriched themselves with what they could get away with not paying them, their excess labor and the abuse of their intellect.

The American masses should not go back to work until it is safe. They should not go back to work unless they get a new deal, a new bargain.

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