Most experts agree that widespread testing is the key to controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and flattening the curve. Without tests, people will be far more likely to forage on the commons and spread the coronavirus, causing the curve to go exponential.

The U.S. has lagged far behind in testing, and even Donald Trump appears to understand that’s a problem, which is why he’s kicked his fabulous phantasmagorical fabrication factory into high gear.

But people paying close attention know he’s been lying about testing all along. Some of them — like the conservative never-Trumper site The Bulwark — have collected the receipts.



Of course, Trump didn’t look too happy when Dr. Anthony Fauci popped Trump’s Pollyannish gas bladder at the end of the video. No wonder he hasn’t been on the stage for a couple of days. After all, the only expertise Trump cares about is the ability to climb up and rappel down his colon at the sound of a tiny-finger snap.

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