The COVID-19 death toll is now at Vietnam War level(s) for the IMPOTUS* Bone-Spur Virus

This is definitely Trump’s virus now. It is the Bone Spur Virus. It is a metaphoric, national Exotosis. It must be removed to save the country.

The US is still approaching 100,000 deaths NOW because Trump needs the illusion of a functioning economy before 11/3/2020.

The minimum for Trump’s inaction is at least 36,000, and the Death Clock has achieved the Vietnam War’s US death toll numbers. The current lower range of Trump virus deaths is now between 36,000 and 58,225 at a minimum.

This is definitely Trump’s Virus insofar as his reelection depends on maintaining an illusion of control until Election Day while enduring the exototic pain of potentially a quarter-million(+) dead. Any healing cannot begin until he is removed from office even if a vaccine is on the horizon, because his inaction on testing and tracing alone brings Trump himself closer to a crime against humanity that no rooting for a vaccine can absolve.



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