Steve Schmidt once again did not hold back as he accurately itemized why the president is likely the worse president in the history of the United States.

Steve Schmidt hits the president harder

Watch the entire episode here.

Steve Schmidt is simply one of the best to articulate there president’s failures in poetic fashion. If the results of said failures were not so devastating, it would be funny.

“This response by this administration couldn’t have been worse if you had a group of saboteurs working in the West Wing of the White House trying to harm the country,” Schmidt continued. “It’s just epically terribly bad so we see now the inventions of the ludicrous Obamagate scandal. We’ll see the race-baiting and xenophobic bash China and blame them. But he’ll put himself into the role of America’s biggest victim. He will portray himself as the injured party as what happens in this country, the world’s epicenter of coronavirus death and suffering, as our death count crosses the hundred thousand person threshold and then ultimately the two hundred thousand people threshold and likely north of that. And none of it ever had to happen.”

Yes. The president and his cabal are ultimately responsible for thousands of these COVID-19 deaths.

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