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The very stable geography genius strikes again

Time for some larfs at the expense of Suck L’Orange: It’s deleted, but yes, the President believes that Kansas City is in Kansas. This is who we’ve become. — Elizabeth C. McLaughlin (@ECMcLaughlin) February 3, 2020 The Kansas City Chiefs are, of course, based in


Trump's at the golf course again, as larger Iran crisis looms

The killing of Qasem Suliemani has as much to do with escalating events in Iraq as it does with new revelations about Trump’s role in directing the withholding of Congressional funds in Arms for Dirt scandal. This distraction is a feature of Trumpian policy where


$118 million and counting, Trump went golfing again today

Commander-in-Chief claimed he was working, then went golfing. There will be media distractions with an impending DPRK missile launch, but we are reminded that the funny business with the Three Amigos was more about fossil fuel than the media framing of a “perfect call”. x Asked

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The Subtle Speaker Strikes Again

Speaker Nancy Pelosi chooses her words very carefully. It may not have gotten much attention in all the shouting today, but when she said she might hold up sending the Articles to the Senate, she did NOT make that contingent on there being a fair

Media pushes 'Dems in disarray' over impeachment—again

Poised to pass two articles of impeachment in the full House this week, Democrats have remained extraordinarily united throughout the process while nearly half the country stands in favor of taking the drastic action of removing Donald Trump from office. Yet press coverage in recent days

Trump violates the Hatch Act yet again

Trump could have skirted this, as he has before with his campaign’s “USA” caps, but he went full DBAD this time. x Literally anyone who’s worked in campaigns or government offices knows not to mix campaign with official or vice versa.— Max Barrile (@Barrile_Max) December


did Trump violate the Hatch Act (yet again)

Was wearing campaign gear appropriate to the #ArmyNavyGame. Trump could have skirted actions applicable to his staff by sticking with his campaign’s “USA” caps. However, he went full MAGA/KAG this time, rather than wearing a Commander-in-Chief / POTUS cap usually worn by his predecessors. Will at least one

Here we go again: Campaign press ignoring Democratic policy

There's been a complete transformation in how the campaign press covers elections in the last decade, and it's a defining change that's benefiting Republicans, and specifically Donald Trump. The change is in the way the press has dramatically curtailed its coverage of policy and of

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Greenland is on fire, again.

It’s bad and I can hear it now. Why didn’t anyone warn us? We have, of course, but Donald's distractions are nothing but click bait here, and we fall for it every single time. But go ahead and keep on keeping on helping the President