Sen. Michael Bennet Medicare for All disregard shows complete disconnection from what ails Americans

I used to like this guy. However, this arrogance says much.

Senator Michael Bennet’s complete disregard for the serious Medicare for All debate occurring in the Democratic Primary shows that he is disconnected and oblivious to what ails poor and middle-class Americans. He should note that in the aggregate those with his disdain for M4A are falling like rocks as our two M4A champions are soaring or holding their high poll numbers. But like so many of his ilk, he simply lacks the empathy to care.

Michael Bennet has learned little from his diminutive poll numbers

We have cataloged Bennet Medicare for All sabotage for some time now. Here is one snippet from a previous blog post that is a must-read.

Michael Bennet is doing the dirty work of the insurance company by proposing Medicare X which is less disruptive but allows insurance companies to continue ripping off the American people by profiting from denying services. Moreover, it remains a bifurcated service [easily gamed]. While Medicare for All is more disruptive, once it’s normalized it’s the most seamless system possible as seen in many other countries whose citizens are amused by America’s troglodyte form of healthcare. …

Remember, many candidates entering the race who are against Medicare for All know they do not stand a chance of winning. They are likely there to change the debate rightward with the expectation of future contributions from the Healthcare Industrial Complex and other segments of the Plutocracy.

So far, our Democrats have been coalescing around the candidates that best represent their values and needs. Some out of utter fear of a second Trump presidency are willing to accept the status quo. That said, we are blessed with Indivisible, Swing Left, and a myriad of other organizations committed to exciting our base and those who have become social and economic allies of ours because of the reality becoming evident to many. We must continue what was done in 2018.

  • November 3, 2019