Rabbi Michael Lerner discusses the progressive path to win over those on the Right.

Rabbi Michael Lerner visits to discuss an important message that progressives must heed detailed in his new book “Revolutionary Love.” Rabbi Michael Lerner, a different point of view but apropos x x YouTube Video Watch the full episode here. Rabbi Michael Lerner’s Revolutionary Love: A Political Manifesto Heal and Transform the World, presents a strategy that is…

The Michael Cohen book is coming out before election day (and Trump is scared shiftless)

Trump’s ex-lawyer has not been shiftless while hiding his light under a gray-bar bushel.   Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has spent his time behind bars writing a potentially explosive tell-all book about life with the president, reports say. Three people familiar with the project told The Daily Beast that Cohen – who is being released early from prison…

Michael Bloomberg and the media privilege for billionaire candidates

Here’s a quick news quiz: If you were editing The New York Times and advisers to Michael Bloomberg were telling your reporters that the billionaire might run for president, would you run that story on the front page? For how many days in a row? Considering he is the former mayor of New York, I could see the…

Wait a tick! In 2016, Michael Cohen admitted he had been to Prague

In the wake of McClatchy’s bombshell story about Michael Cohen’s cell phone being used near Prague in the summer of 2016, Cohen himself categorically denied — three times via Twitter — that he’d ever been to the Czech Republic. I hear #Prague #CzechRepublic is beautiful in the summertime. I wouldn’t know as I have never been….

Trump's real Michael Cohen problem.

Did any of you guys have a younger brother when you were growing up, or you ladies a younger sister? You’d be hanging with your friends, trying to be all cool and shit, and they’d be bouncing around like a neutrino, yapping like a Yorkshire terrier, and ruining all of the ambiance of the moment….