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SC-Sen: DFA Keeps Up The Momentum For Jaime Harrison (D) To Unseat Lindsey “Cover-Up” Graham (R)

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Received this e-mail from Democracy for America in support of Jaime Harrison’s (D. SC) U.S. Senate campaign:

As the Senate impeachment trial of Trump kicked off last week, DFA-endorsed Senate candidate Jaime Harrison posed the question: what happened to Lindsey Graham?

The longtime Republican Senator from South Carolina had very different feelings about impeachment back when it was a Democratic president under trial and not his new best friend Trump. Senate Democrats took the opportunity to show a video of Graham’s own words to give him and the rest of the GOP a little reminder where they stood just a few years ago:

“Members of the Senate have said I understand everything there is about this case, and I won’t vote to impeach the president. Please allow the facts to do the talking.”
“You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job.”
“All I ask of the senate is to take your oath, listen to the evidence…”
“That’s why we need witnesses… to clarify who said what.”

Naturally, Graham was nowhere to be found at the trial when this video was presented during Democrats’ opening statements last week. As Jaime said, “Always awkward when someone digs up video from your past, right Lindsey?”

Look, we know what’s going on here: Graham has put his own values and oath to the Constitution aside for the sake of defending his party’s president at all costs. Clearly he’s become part of the swamp, and for South Carolinians’ and all Americans’ sake, he’s gotta go.

Jaime Harrison may be an underdog in this race, but he’s got a real shot at winning, replacing Graham, and truly representing the people of South Carolina if we can keep up the incredible grassroots support he’s seen so far. Will you split a contribution between Jaime and DFA today to help us kick Lindsey Graham out and flip the Senate this November?

Together, we can send one of the most unpopular senators and staunch defendants of Trump packing, and replace him with a real progressive leader who’s ready to fight for the people.



Mondale Robinson, Political Director
Democracy for America

Click here to donate to Harrison’s campaign.

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