Right-wing radio host and Trump superfan tweets the dumbest f***ing thing you'll see today

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Bill Mitchell, the host of YourVoice America, loves him some Donald J. Trump, and he’s got more than half a million Twitter followers hanging on his every Dadaistic dingleberry of wisdom.

But … he clearly doesn’t know how averages work:


Lookee! More than 4,000 people thought enough of this tweet to “like” it. And it got 1,400 retweets — and counting! But, well, it didn’t go exactly as planned.

Well, it was 4/20 when he tweeted that. But I smoked a fuck-ton yesterday, and it didn’t come close to turning me into such a giant goofus that I forgot basic arithmetic. Granted, for a minute or two I wondered if there was a version of me somewhere in the vast multiverse who was spending the day artificially inseminating woefully unprepared howler monkeys instead of smoking ganj, but I never got quite this stupid.

Needless to say, Bill seemed a bit, shall we say, testy about being ratioed:

Yup, you move America’s dial — way down to the “dipshit” setting. Thanks much for that, man.


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  • April 21, 2020