Imagine if the mainstream media had covered the Tea Party protests in the same manner MSNBC Host Katie Tur had. Cover it but dismiss it for what it really is.

Host Katy Tur called it like it was

After Vaughn Hillyard gave his report of the loud but small number of protestors in which he minimized them based on their relative numbers to the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Katy Tur put the whole protest in the proper context.

“Well Vaughn, that is just plain dumb, frankly. It’s just plain dumb,” Tur responded. “I don’t think any of us would be standing on street corners wearing masks if it was just the flu.”

“It’s just dumb. It’s just dumb to call it the flu,” Katy said with conviction. “I don’t think any of us would be standing on street corners wearing masks if it was just the flu. Also, the flu has a vaccine. This does not have a vaccine. The flu is not as contagious as this seems to be, according to everybody that has experienced it.”

Kati made it clear that she did not want to give the protests more credence than they deserved. She gave it the journalistic coverage it deserved and the proper context. The MSNBC host was not done, however. She made the case as opposed to just reporting as is too often done.

“They’re not just putting themselves in danger, they’re putting everybody around them in danger,” Tur said. “Everybody at a grocery store they might go to. Their family members still at home. Their friends, their loved ones. It’s not just an individual problem.”

Thank you, Katy. That is what journalism is supposed to look like.

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