Democrats have an opportunity to simplify the treacherous and near treasonous behavior of Donald Trump. Plain talk is required. I attended a neighborhood improvement meeting, and the local councilman started his address by saying he was there as the “validation marketer.” After a few quizzical looks, he finally said, ‘I promote neighborhood changes through speeches, social media, and online papers.’ “Oh, ‘public relations.”’ Yesterday, Attorney General Merrick Garland was compelled to defend his office and called for the public release of the search warrant on Mar-A-Lago. Enter the newest term to the general lexicon signal intelligence.

Get ready for a crash course in speculative legalese later today from CNN and MSNBC, extending throughout the weekend. Democrats need to get off timidity island and ask why the former President allegedly stole communications info[signal intelligence] related to the use of nuclear weapons worldwide. Except for the 19 million or so living Americans who are or served in the military, minor head-scratching occurred when the pundits started tossing the term signal intelligence around. Republicans are good at sticking a wet finger in the air and yelling in the direction of the wind without information. They have discovered that controlling the narrative is more important than the truth. One example was former AG Bill Barr convincing the press, some Democrats, and the public that Russian collusion was all a hoax. Despite Bob Mueller finding at least ten possible instances of obstruction of justice, coordination by Russian troll farms, and Paul Manafort admitting at long last he shared confidential campaign polling with a Russian intelligence officer. Alas, the narrative was cast, and the press bit.

We will not get the underlying legal predicate for the search of Mar-A-Lago. Neither the Southern District Florida court nor the Department of Justice will reveal what potential crimes prompted the search warrant. We will not get a detailed inventory of what was in the seized material or, for Entertainment Tonight’s purposes, Melania Trump’s shoe and dress size. We know that the danger to America was so alarming that the head of the DOJ saw fit to sign off on obtaining the search warrant, and a judge agreed. I am sure a calculus is going on behind the scenes among Democratic leaders as to how to weigh in on the criminality of Donald Trump. I think they should go all in. The narrative is slipping away, and the drumbeat of a corrupt FBI and DOJ is taking hold amongst the Republican Taliban.

Most of these weekend cosplay militias at one time confined their activities to backwoods and the internet, probably blowing off each other’s hands with war surplus grenades or shooting out an eye. They always believed the FBI was the enemy to all who would listen and called for the overthrow of the government. They finally found a President in Trump, who countenanced their ramblings. Republicans have allowed Trump to extort a foreign leader, Zelenskyy. Condone the murder of a Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, reveal state secrets to Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and lead an insurrection; on January 6. He spirited away nuclear secrets, and their response was DEFUND THE POLICE! Keep tuning the Stradivarius Republicans; America is on fire.  

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  • August 12, 2022