A Trump Pardon Means the End of America

Trumpites were fond of saying promises made, promises kept at the end of his disastrous administration. They could not say that the promises made to the middle class and the poor were kept. The public is still awaiting his secret health care plan—promised a week into his presidency. Infrastructure became a running joke, and the IRS needs those additional 87,000 workers because they cannot complete Trump’s federal taxes audit. Even now, the Republican caucus is so paralyzed by a Trump social media message or a taunt at his rallies they cower. Biden has done things many Republicans would vote for, but appearing to back down would set the MAGA’s red caps a fire.

On average, the thousand(s) of middle-income earners who pay one hundred dollars for an insulin prescription as opposed to roughly eight dollars the rest of the world pays was a no-brainer vote. Somewhere in their performative little black hearts, they wish they dared to do something for people who are not billionaires. They have fallen so far into that black hole they could not muster a unanimous caucus to vote in favor of caring for veterans poisoned and diseased by burn pits. Yet, the governing principle has been not to give the other side a victory even if it is good for America. Wi-Fi has connected the world socially and economically, but Republicans want to keep rural America communicating with a tin can, string, and a Ouija board.

I remember the world before the internet. It took three days, sometimes four—if you had to buy a stamp—to snail mail your electric bill across town. I can order shoes, food, and even a coffin online. Meanwhile, the McCoy(s) in rural Kentucky are still adjusting the rabbit ears. When the GOP surrendered its soul to the Tea Party, one would have thought an entanglement with the beast would have left a lasting impression. No, no, they escaped the bear only to put their heads in the lion’s mouth. The MAGA/QAnon/Trump party is filled with a peanuts gallery of non-legislators and trolls. They are so far gone they uttered the word “DEFUND” when talking about the FBI. Support the blue no longer includes the guys in the blue Brooks Brothers suits, sunglasses, and earpieces, I suppose. The relationship with uniformed police is also rocky, with the beating and injuring of at least 140 officers on January 6.

The immediate question of how many and for how much did Trump either share or sell America’s secrets to enemies is up for anxious debate. Donald Trump has become bulletproof to his conditioned minions. He began the training of his loyalist back in 2016. That was when he told them, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” he said. Once he posed the scenario and gave them the correct response, “OK,” his followers heard the signal, and from that point, no wrong, lie, or avarice could not be justified. Trump is a cult leader who desensitizes their followers to sexual deviance, extortion, and theft. Once there, all is to be forgiven in the name of the chosen one.

Trump has proven his lemmings are not only willing to follow him over the falls but will volunteer. If Trump is charged with mishandling White House records and a Republican is elected President in 2024, a Trump pardon will soon follow, and America, as we know it, is but a distant memory.  

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  • August 15, 2022