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Quelle FuQking Surprise

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Well this is all too bloody predictable.

The Return of the FuQk AmeriQa ProjeQt with added “Qs”.

The “Q” Party having watched the events on January 6th have decided to promote the “Big Lie”.

Rather than actually proposing winning policies they have decided it is the peoples fault that they are unpopular.

So the plan that they come up with is always the same:

  • Voter suppression.
  • Gerrymandering when voter suppression is inadequate.
  • Deny reality when faced with anything scientiffy.
  • In the meantime, try to stop government from actually functioning.

They get a “Q” for originality.

Democracy is stopping us from winning, let’s break it.

But that was then. Now, in statehouses nationwide, Republicans who echoed former President Donald J. Trump’s baseless claims of rampant fraud are proposing to make it harder to vote next time — ostensibly to convince the very voters who believed them that elections can be trusted again. And even some colleagues who defended the legitimacy of the November vote are joining them.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, state legislators have filed 106 bills to tighten election rules, generally making it harder to cast a ballot — triple the number at this time last year.

If having no policies apart from cutting taxes doesn’t win, change the bloody rules.

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