Fucking idiot:

The Florida senator once again found himself in Twitter-roasting territory on Wednesday with his misguided tweet blaming the media for the rise of QAnon-sympathizer Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) within the GOP — conveniently ignoring his own history of enabling former President Trump to run wild with false claims of election fraud that eventually led to the deadly insurrection at the Capitol last month.


On Wednesday morning, Rubio griped about the amount of news coverage that Greene has gotten over her conspiracy-ridden remarks that recently resurfaced.

Demonstrating the GOP’s laughable calls for unity after spending months pushing Trump’s election fraud falsehoods in the lead-up to the Capitol riot, Rubio tried to save face by calling on the media to not amplify conspiracy theorists.

Of course, Twitter had a field day with this:

Rubio may have thought the tweet made him sound statesmanlike, but many Twitter users got another impression: that he won’t stand up to anyone.
One of the people criticizing the senator was gun safety activist David Hogg, who survived the 2018 mass shooting at a Florida high school only to be harassed by Greene.


That’s just a taste of the take down Rubio endured. Rubio’s idiotic and hypocritical attack just highlights the civil war brewing in the GOP. Especially since Rubio is trying to avoid being the victim of the very Trumpism he enabled:

On Fox News recently, he dismissed Trump’s upcoming Senate trial as “stupid,” seemingly daring Hawley, Cruz and Cotton to top his disdain and his adjective. He paired that exalted commentary with an inadequately punctuated, inelegantly worded and ineptly reasoned tweet:


Five people died when a Trump-loving mob, whipped into a violent frenzy by his and his Republican enablers’ lies about election fraud, stormed and trashed the Capitol. But sure, Senator Rubio, Democrats’ upset is purely theatrical. Absolutely, the lesson here is the bloodthirst of “the radical left.”

That’s no garden-variety misdirection. That’s pure derangement.

It also smacks of desperation. “Little Marco,” you see, may have big trouble. It’s blond, it’s relentless, it has a new address in Florida and it’s spelled I-V-A-N-K-A. The shiniest Trump and her smug husband, pariahs now in New York City, have moved on, and there’s some speculation that their relocation presages a Senate candidacy for her in 2022, when Rubio is up for re-election.

She’d potentially challenge him in the Florida Republican primary. Now there’s a reason to sweat. Rubio confronts what Republican lawmakers all over the country do, the prospect of being ousted, en route to their general elections, by rivals who are even Trumpier than they are. Only there’s no out-Trumping an actual Trump. And there’s no defaming this Trump progeny without inflaming the Trump patriarch.

Ivanka would be Rubio’s worst nightmare. She’d also be his perfect comeuppance. He would have done all that shape-shifting, summoned all that sycophancy and sold out for naught.

It remains to be seen. It won’t be easy unseating Rubio but Democrats are looking at the race:

Roger Stone, a longtime Trump advisor who lives in Florida, once mused about running against Rubio but subsequently downplayed the talk. Still, he predicted, “Rubio will end up with a serious primary challenge,” which in turn could inspire Democrats to enter the race with the hope of facing a bloodied GOP nominee.

Advisers to Congresswomen Demings and Murphy say they haven’t ruled out challenging Rubio and that the two have ample time to make their plans. Demings has “multiple options” that include running for a House leadership post and hanging on to her safe House seat. Murphy’s district isn’t as solid for Democrats. She would be more likely to challenge Rubio if Republican legislators make her seat more GOP-leaning during redistricting in January 2022, when the state is expected to add two new House seats.

Three little-known Democratic candidates have already filed to run against Rubio and former Rep. Alan Grayson has begun making calls to gauge interest. A progressive firebrand who lost the 2016 Democratic Senate primary by 41 percentage points, Grayson would only say “repeal Rubio” when asked about his plans to challenge the senator.

In the mean time, let’s help Florida Democrats get ready for next year. Click here to donate and get involved with Florida Democratic Party.

  • February 4, 2021
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