People do know that fifty years ago many state universities were near free, right?


I am so tired of people, especially Democrats, hear proposals and say they are crazy, there is no way we could pay for that.  That it is just free pony stuff.  Fifty years ago my sibling went to a state university in New York and my family paid almost nothing.  Some was true I know for California and Ohio and my guess is elsewhere.  My parent was on very good unemployment insurance for three years and used it to go back and get a college degree and get a much, much better job which they had for the rest of their life.  A visit to a doctor’s office was a crisp twenty dollar bill.  You only used insurance for hospitals and I’m not sure how put nobody was swallowed up with medical debt.

I’m kind of old but not that old.  I am young enough to remember all this.  We could afford it without much sweat.  All this stuff is obviously very affordable we just choose to give the money to rich people (nobody had 40 billion dollars back then and if they did people at the dinner table would have shaken their head at the greed and stupidity.)