Missed This Poll About Republican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

It’s difficult to get any polling data about Kentucky political races because…Well, I really do not know why.  Probably because we are a poorer state with fewer people?  Shrugs.  But it seems that Morning Consult poll out in July found that Bevin’s approval rating had plummeted to just 29%.  According to this poll, 57% disapprove of Bevin’s tenure as governor.  

Now, the Morning Consult poll gets a B- rating from Nate Silver’s 538 group, but, as I said, state political polls in KY are hard to find.  There was another one out in April from Western Kentucky University (C+) that found that Bevin only had a 32% approval rating.  Both polls indicate a significant drop in Bevin popularity, and it happened around the same time he was trash talking teachers.

And he was just recently still trash talking teachers, so maybe some folks in KY are getting tired of his venom towards our teachers?  Bevin will be up for reelection in 2019.