Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Cory Booker’s (D. NJ) re-election campaign:

The US Postal Service is in dire need of emergency funding as the impact of the coronavirus could lead to services being slowed down by June and even stopped entirely by September.

But Trump is playing partisan games with this incredibly important public service and has vowed to veto any bill that would provide relief to our post offices. That’s why we’re launching a petition today to speak up and demand emergency relief in order to save over 500,000 essential workers’ jobs and keep the Postal Service functioning.

We need your help. We can’t afford to let President Trump use the Postal Service and the lives of the many Americans who rely on it as a political pawn. Will you add your name to our petition demanding emergency funding for the US Postal Service?

The Postal Service is a critical resource in ordinary times, but especially during this public health crisis.

First, it’s a major source of employment and is one of the largest federal employers in the country.

Keeping our post offices funded will allow more states to take advantage of vote-by-mail opportunities to keep voters safe while still exercising their right to vote this year.

And many elderly and disabled Americans rely on the US Postal Service to receive critical benefits and medications in the mail every month.

If you agree that it’s critical we do everything we can to immediately fund the US Postal Service and guarantee it functions throughout this public health crisis, add your name to this petition today:

Thanks for stepping up before it’s too late.

Team Cory

Click here to add your name.

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