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Media..please quit repeating Orange Man's nonsense. We are not stupid !

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I'm A Nut - Lip Sync

Look, Trump has his go to doc interviewing on Russian Television, an idiot resident claiming he will not count votes and will declare victory if in his stupid brain sees a win and this is the same person who told people to drink bleach and stick a UV down or up inside your body.

We have people on here freaking out over these last remarks and it would not surprise me if he walks out on 5th avenue with a gun.  Don’t be surprised, as he is that out of touch. He is so off balance that he does not even understand timezones.   There is no way to declare victory on Tuesday, as Wednesday on the east coast arrives before the west coast.  He is just making up crap.

 If you have to cover him per some rules, cut the mic and let lip readers figure out what nonsense he is spewing or scramble the signal.  He is upsetting voters which is exactly what he wants.  The caravans caused chaos and now the FBI investigating so we have to trust some institutions and I think Wray is not going to throw his career and legacy out for an out of date pumpkin.

We need goats and lots and lots of goats covering the airwaves or an immediate test pattern, everytime this nut opens his mouth causing panic and ushering threats.

Please STOP.

I laughed when I heard him say the nonsense of not counting votes.  He doesn’t get to control who gets to be president.  All Biden would have to do two seconds after he does this, is to claim victory as well and we are right back where we started…counting votes.

People, please calm down and stay focused. He is holding a nothing hand and making you believe he has a royal flush.   We don’t need the media pushing his lies.  Shame…You are covering someone with this much sense:

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