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Is The New York Times being obtuse or intentionally gaslighting us?

Okay, so they appear to have changed this headline since Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall screen-grabbed it. But it raises an important question — and that question is: “What the ever-living fuck, New York Times?”



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Everyone knows the answer to this.

I know the answer.

The New York Times knows the answer. 

Mitch McConnell knows the answer.

Even Donald Trump — whose mind is basically one-half of a 3-by-5 notecard full of ones and zeroes — knows the answer. 

Why are we pretending? Why is anyone pretending?

To be fair, The Times’ story was a bit less dense than the original headline:

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican, majority leader and unapologetic mastermind of the 2016 Garland blockade, has made clear that he would move ahead with a Supreme Court nominee from President Trump. The only potential barrier would be resistance from his own party on the grounds it would be hypocritical and unfair for Republicans to do what they prevented Democrats from doing four years ago.

Widespread defections on that basis seem highly unlikely.

“… on the grounds it would be hypocritical and unfair for Republicans to do what they prevented Democrats from doing four years ago.”

Republicans worried about hypocrisy? Is that why we’re accumulating debt faster than Big Mac wrappers are piling up on the Oval Office carpet? Just a few short years ago — when we desperately needed to repair our infrastructure and pull the economy out of Bush’s recession — the deficit was an existential crisis. Now? Meh.

Why even bother mentioning that Republicans might be bothered by hypocrisy?

They won’t be … and they’re not.

In other words, there’s no point to this story whatsoever. Mitch McConnell will do whatever is most underhanded and evil. Just write about that.

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