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Breaking: McConnell Tells Trump: Don't Pull Out of Syria

WaPo: McConnell joins other Republicans in rebuking Trump’s Syria withdrawal Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell publicly rebuked President Trump’s plan to withdraw U.S. troops from northeast Syria, saying that a supermajority in the Senate disagreed with the president’s abrupt announcement. “I urge the President to

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THIS is how you beat the NRA!

Everybody gather near. Dyin’ time is here   Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome As all of you know, I have been a frequent commentator, and will continue to be a frequent commentator on the stunning internal collapse of the National Rfle Association. My beef with the

How about Vaping the Guns?

I am not a smoker, nor have I ever tried the newest fad of hipster cool, vaping. The President of the United States has done something I approve. He took a danger away from people, especially children, that may be killing them.  The reported death


Boom! Pelosi calls McConnell 'Moscow Mitch'

Careful, Nancy. He really, really hates being called Moscow Mitch. Hates it. The Hill: Pelosi invoked the “Moscow Mitch” moniker while referring to McConnell's embrace of his portrayal as the “Grim Reaper” blocking House Democrats' progressive policies from moving forward in the Senate. “We all want to invest in

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Brand That Nickname of “Grim Reaper” To Moscow Mitch Too.

<I know I took a break from blogging, but there is a critical life threatening intersection between gun violence, racism, and Republican politics that compelled me to get off the sidelines for now.> I am no communication expert, but the recent tragic mass shootings in

How the press rewards GOP cowardice in the age of Trump

After Donald Trump ignited a firestorm by launching a racist attack on four Democratic members of Congress, the Beltway press last week temporarily revised a time-honored journalism tradition of forcing members of the president's party to respond publicly to controversial behavior. The results were utterly predictable,


Both Sides Do it… ‘Again’

Two-hundred and forty combined Congressmen and women voted to officially condemn Donald Trump, for maligning 4 American female members of Congress, of color, as interlopers, who should “go back” to the country from “which they came.”  With racism staring him squarely in the face yesterday,


Careful what you wish for, boys.

“Who’s on first. What’s on second.” “I don’t know!” “Third base.”   abbot and Costello It’s little wonder that President Trump is sarcastically referred to as The Pampers President, since these days being a Republican seems to entail acting like a two year old. Meaning,

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Mitch McConnell: Obama's ancestors also owned slaves

You know, if you go back far enough, most people today probably have ancestors who “owned” slaves. Slavery was rampant in the ancient world, after all. But with regard to reparations, here’s what’s important: Some people ***cough, cough, white people*** continue to benefit from the institutional

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Biden Does Not Know When To Stop Digging.

You all are going to hear about this from plenty of other diarists, but Joltin Joe Biden just can’t quit digging his own grave on misreading the political times.  Biden says he would probably resubmit Merrick Garland for the SCOTUS if he wins the presidency. 

Republicans Have Done Political and Economic Sabotage Before.

I was reminded of how Republicans in the past have engaged in political and economic sabotage to stop progressive policies.  The Huffington Post has an interview with historian David Rauchway on his latest book about President Hoover’s attempts to sabotage FDRs New Deal.  And I