GOP Strategist to Dems: Kill filibuster. GOP would. Mitch knows Americans want Democratic policies.

GOP strategist Susan Del Percio said Democrats should kill the filibuster and notes McConnell knows that Americans want Democratic policies.

GOP strategist Susan Del Percio agrees filibuster should end

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The message that former strategist Susan Del Percio revealed on MSNBC is critical. Every Democrat should listen to this Conservative Republican. Check out what she says and how she says it in the clip. Democrats, are you listening to this prescient sensible advice?

“I do think that you're right as far as your assessment of the Republicans would do it. They would get rid of it to get their agenda through,” Susan Del Percio said. “There is very little doubt about that. The point of 60, and I was so for the filibuster. I thought it was one of the most important tools we had in government because 60 meant consensus. Now getting to 60 is impossible.”

Del Percio then started getting to the point. Killing the filibuster would allow Americans to hold politicians more accountable.

“I am at the point where let's have that discussion. You know, what Democrats want to put through, gun control, immigration,” Del Percio said. “They will be held accountable at the voter booth. The same thing goes with Republicans.”

Susan continues with the truth staring us all in the face. And it is one if Democrats really are representing the masses will heed.

“Here's what Mitch McConnell's afraid of,” Del Percio continued. “The majority of issues that I just talked about, the majority of the people are for those issues want to see immigration reform. Mitch McConnell's about stopping it. They want to see gun control—Mitch McConnell's about stopping it. So go ahead. I think they should go have at it.”

The filibuster is neither a constitutional edict nor a tool to make the Senate more measured, more deliberate. It is an undemocratic tool of obstruction. Except for our inalienable rights, all issues should be based on majority popular rule, PERIOD.

Joe Biden’s recent statement that he is warming to the talking filibuster is just another half step that will lead to Democratic agenda failure. It will slow necessary work in the Senate while they filibuster. We need the Progressive Agenda early so we can see some fruits by Election 2022. No stalling!

It is time that we are rid of the Jim Crow relic. Why would the Democratic Party continue to fight for a tool that was intent on denying much to their fellow Americans of a different hue? It makes no sense. Abolish it now!

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  • March 21, 2021