Lauren Boebert is so dumb she’s boosting the hashtag #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb

I don’t know, maybe this works for her.

I’m not sure how Twitter’s trending topics actually become trending topics, but I can only assume that if, say, someone started the hashtag #AldousJPennyfarthingIsANoxiousShiteCrumpet, taking to Twitter to refute that notion while appropriating that same hashtag would tend to, I don’t know, amplify the message?

Just a thought.

So when I saw that #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb was trending on Twitter, I figured, well, lots of progressives will weigh in, we’ll have our fun for a day or two, and that will be that.

But, ironically, Boebert has brought a spongecake to a gunfight, and she didn’t even have sense enough to remove it from her head first.

For the nontweeters: “Seeing #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb trend at number one just proves what I’ve been saying all week.The Left hates women & I’m their top target.As the 2022 cycle heats up, I need your support more than ever. Everyday is a full-scale attack on me! Chip in now!”

The left hates women? No, the left hates women who support (alleged) rapists, misogynists, and extralegal coup inciters. On the other hand, we celebrate women who don’t tweet out Nancy Pelosi’s location during a violent insurrection.

Also, do you really want to use that hashtag, Lauren? Really?

Then again, maybe it doesn’t matter, since that sentiment was well represented elsewhere:
Oh, and you simply need to treat yourself to Boebert’s bumbling attempt to pronounce “unalienable.” It’s almost as if the marbles somehow slipped out of her head and into her mouth:

Yeah, that’s not how that word is pronounced, Lauren, but thanks for the lesson. It was real edumacational.

Hey, maybe this little fundraising gimmick actually works. What do I know? But I can’t imagine that making yourself into a bigger laughingstock than you already are is a great strategy in the long run.

Then again, I’m a Democratic voter who’s opted to stick with consensus reality. For Republicans, rebelling against science and reason is tantamount to patriotism these days, and by that measure, Rep. Boebert is arguably the greatest patriot there is.

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  • March 21, 2021
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