Fl. Trumpster hit 13 year old in Chest and Face with Flagpole for saying ” Biden” ( Trigger Warning)

Big Man….How cowardly and cruel can you be and people wonder why we don’t put up Biden signs without arming ourselves?  I saw this on another blog and now the Trumpsters are now attacking our children.  Freedom of speech?  That parent would and should have stood their ground.   YOU DON”T ATTACK CHILDREN.  

 Attacking a child?

He was arrested but in Clay County he won’t get much time if at all.  This was North Florida, so it confirms what I have been saying about the assholes up here.



— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) September 18, 2020

White Privilege….


Looks like a KKK wizard and Nazi.

That child has been damaged for self expression.   

Keep him locked up.