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Donald Trump Jr. lectures Joe Biden about conflicts of interest; it doesn't go well

Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. has the self-awareness of a sea pineapple’s sphincter. (Do sea pineapples have sphincters? I’ll just say they do, because it’s 2019, and you can say whatever you want now, apparently. Go ahead, fake news. Fact-check me. I dare you.)

So the walking, talking conflict of interest whose father has spent the past three years turning the presidency into a carnival ring-toss game is super concerned about Joe Biden’s ethics:

And, yeah, people noticed:

And on and on and on and on and on … into infinity.

I mean, the stink of corruption from the Trump administration and Trump Org will outlast the heat death of the universe, but let’s all look at Joe Biden’s son, okay?

Enjoy the impeachment inquiry, Jr. It’s sure to be entertaining … for most of us, anyway.

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