It is the best system we have got at the moment and needs strengthening,

This election has gone around the world and the subsequent words and actions matter.

Many democracies are under threat from those seeking to undermine its principles and how this plays out in the USA will resonate the world.

The lies and blatant disregard for the process damage its very foundations.

Discrimination/Suppression in any way of those who have the fundamental right to vote is contrary to its very essence.

Unfounded Conspiracy Theories designed to denigrate its very integrity are a malignant cancer.

Looking at the US [and for example France my home] there is serious work to do.

I don’t care how you voted.

I care about your right to do so and that your vote is counted.

I sincerely hope that the transfer of power in DC and the country go well, I am however worried it will not.

  • November 6, 2020