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Climate Change Gagged and USDA Scientists to be fired in 2 weeks. We are in severe danger.

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OK..Just forget the danger we are in with this climate change. I sit here with the news telling me it is 85 degrees at 12 midnight and 94 today when every mercury reading thermostat told me different today in the shade and in the sun and registered  100 in the car  I was driving.    I don’t know if the weather people are lying, getting faulty software or all of my thermometers are broken.   

I do know this, as  I did some research and 114 in France is not normal.  This heat wave is not normal.    I know humidity  makes the heat index rise but it is DAMN hot.   It is  hotter than I have  ever known in Florida and I am sure hotter in Minnesota as well. 

Why  is he wanting to fire Scientists who study climate change?  ( According to Rachel and other reports.…

Then we have the Food and Drug inspectors who have a problem thanks to the orange dung.

 USDA inspects food, and meds.… 

The Agriculture Department is offering employees a rare choice: accept a forced transfer to a post 1,000 miles away or be fired.

The Trump administration’s plan to move two agencies from the District to the Kansas City area includes a document with two blank boxes on it, sent to employees on June 13. Check one, it instructs: Accept the transfer by July 15 or “be separated by adverse action procedures.”

William Jolly, a research ecologist with the agency's Rocky Mountain Research Station in Missoula, Mont., was supposed to give a 30-minute presentation titled “Climate-Induced Variations in Global Severe Fire Weather Conditions” at the International Fire Congress in Orlando, Fla., next month. The event is hosted by the Association for Fire Ecology (AFE).

The travel denial follows reports last week that U.S. EPA blocked three scientists from making presentations at a conference in Rhode Island featuring climate change. Critics accused the Trump administration of stifling the dissemination of taxpayer-funded science.

I am hot and I am tired of this sack of orange dung not only flaunting his stupidity and no grasp of realty waved in our faces like the flag he hates, yet wraps himself in like a baby blanket.  He wants tanks rolling down our streets while kissing up to dictators when he is not tonguing his own daughter at every opportunity with an open mouth kiss or grabbing her ass. 

He is one sick sack of shit and I for one am personally tired of being treated like we don’t matter, we don’t pay for this insulting and him doing dangerous antics regarding our health and pursuit of happiness which is damn hard.   

I am not interested in the election that much right now because it will suprise me if we survive this menace till election day.   DO YOU HEAR ME NANCY?  The USDA inspects our food, medicine, and is supposed to be working on our behalf.   Do you feel safe? 

Maybe our leadership have some sort of scientist on the side inspecting their pinto beans, but this family don’t.  Maybe our leadership has some sort of 10 ton AC keeping them cool but we don’t.   I am really tired of taxation without true representation.   

With the climate change and firing of scientists in a Hurricane State is non too comfortable.  If the leadership is not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.   He is a RISK TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY.   

Unbelievable Heat !   Wildfires !   Recalls on food and meds all the time !

Does he want us ALL dead.  Who would he bully?

On top of all of this shit which I don’t see how could get piled higher and deeper, we have children split from their loved ones, in cages and told to drink from toilets with no running water to flush.  Tell me again we are not a nation in distress because I don’t buy it.  Basically they are telling kids to eat shit and die.

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