Chuck Todd to false equivalency Republican, Only one side that tried to overthrow the Capitol.

Chuck Todd did not allow Republican Congressman Tom Reed to get away with a false equivalence discussing the insurrection and more.

Chuck Todd, no false equivalence on this one

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Republicans have a serious problem on their hands. You see the party that likes to sell itself as the party of Law and Order, the party of Blue Lives Matter, and the patriotic party lost every single one of those monikers in with one seditious insurrection. They killed a cop, broke the law, and attempted to overthrow a Democratically elected government, and one of their proteges attempted to sell a stolen laptop to Russian spies.

Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY) appeared with Chuck Todd and spoke about the country's polarization. Todd pointed out that his base makes it difficult to work with Democrats. He pushed back some making the case that his constituents give him some leeway because of who he is. They respect him, he claims.

After back and forth for some time, Reed gave the impression that extremists are on both sides of the aisle. Chuck Todd surprisingly did not allow that false equivalence.

“There was only one side that tried to overthrow the Capitol,” Chuck Todd said. “I think that is where people get very, ‘hey, let’s not share the blame immediately here. This got out of hand on the right.’”

The congressman was forced to recoil.

“You are absolutely correct on that,” Reed said.

It is imperative that we not allow Republicans to draw false equivalencies between their seditious insurrection and anything done on the left. We must pin them continuously and correctly as unpatriotic undemocratic people who attempted to overthrow the U.S. government. This must be done through the election of 2022 and 2024.

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  • January 19, 2021