The stupid, it burns!

A Washington Post reporter has found a correlation between the people protesting shelter-in-place orders and people who refuse to get vaccinated or refuse to vaccinate their children.

Trump’s promise of ‘Warp Speed’ fuels anti-vaccine movement in fertile corners of the Web

Some of the same online activists who have clamored to resume economic activity, echoing President Trump’s call to “liberate” their states from sweeping restrictions, are now aligning themselves with a cause on the political fringe — preemptively forswearing a vaccine. To further their baseless claims about the dangers of vaccines and to portray the scientific process as reckless, they have seized on the brisk pace promised for the project, which the Trump administration has branded “Operation Warp Speed.”

The reporter calls these groups a “small minority of Americans” but even so:

The online activity illustrates how anti-vaccine stalwarts have found common cause with those protesting stay-at-home measures, flocking to their demonstrations and staging their own. The two movements are also drawing on a common online organizing infrastructure, increasingly merging in the fluid corners of Facebook.

OK, it’s late, and I’ve been screaming (mentally) at the stupid all day, so I’m running out of fucks to give. But this one is just so totally out of it that I have to wonder why we bother trying to preserve America if this is what passes for American citizens.

Listen up: The virus is VERY CONTAGIOUS. It is also VERY DEADLY. Even when it doesn’t kill, it can leave serious organ damage that may last a lifetime. It also consumes enormous medical resources, not to mention the stress it puts on medical and support personnel who have to contend with the chance that they might catch the disease. On top of all that, the federal government is not being helpful (to put it mildly).

We don’t have a cure. We don’t have a good treatment, other than palliative. We don’t yet have a vaccine. What we do have is shelter-in-place, physical distancing, masks, which we KNOW work to slow the spread of the virus. We do this so it doesn’t overwhelm our society while we work on a cure and a vaccine.

So, if you don’t want to get horribly sick and maybe die, You need to fucking follow the shelter-in-place rules. And if and when we do get a vaccine, you need to be first in line to get one.

Did I use too many big words there? (Probably, if the picture I chose is any indication.)

See, here’s the thing. These people think THEY won’t get the disease. If they do, they think THEY won’t get sick. What they don’t understand is that the economy will only recover and we can get back to something like normal if ALL OF US DON’T GET SICK. Shelter-in-place protects all of us. Wearing a mask protects all of us. A vaccine will protect all of us.

Of course, these idiots don’t care. No wonder they love Trump.

Anyway, I’ve been called to bed. I’ll check in tomorrow morning.

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