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In the Oregonian Presidential Primary.  Yet I was probably one of the first people to write a Joe Biden for President diary on Daily Kos.  Joe didn’t need my vote in Oregon and I wanted to send him a message not to fight pot legalization.

I’d voted third party for President off and on for decades; Eldridge Cleaver, Gus Hall, and Peace and Freedom candidates in California.  My vote never mattered in these races but my politics are so far left of the Democratic Party that I had to do something. I still contributed and canvassed down ticket.

  I lived in Berkeley where the Democrats were the reactionary party. Ron Dellums was our hero. The Black Panthers’  lawyer was elected Mayor as a Democrat next door in Oakland

Some folks hate Bernie’s so-called supporters.   I figure most of those obnoxious Bernie “supporters” are really splitters, and most of sincere Bernie adherents were mostly like me.

I’d always admired Bernie, he often urged the radical reforms that I knew we needed.  He carried pro-worker ideals to electoral heights never seen before; not by Jesse Jackson and certainly not by Eugene Debs.  Thank goodness he is not another Henry Wallace.

How I wish he’d could have gone the distance! That is a sign that I have lived long enough to entertain yet another impossible dream.

 I protest voted for him anyway, it’s my tiny signal that I support radical politics, and this time I didn’t have to  vote third party.

  And I say a little prayer that Bernie pulls Uncle Joe  to the Left. And there’s nothing I won’t do for Joe from here on out.

  • May 21, 2020