WI-Gov: New Emerson Poll Has Tony Evers (D) Beating Scott Walker (R) 51-46

Here’s the latest news out Wisconsin today courtesy of Emerson University’s latest poll:

In Wisconsin, Democratic candidate Tony Evers is at 51% with Incumbent Republican Scott Walker at 46% while US Senator Tammy Baldwin (D) is at 53% with her Republican opponent Leah Vukmir at 44%.  Independents in the Governor race are breaking for Evers 51% to 40%.

Wisconsin Governor

MM, LV, Oct 29-31, n=604, +/-4.1%

Tony Evers (D) 51%, Scott Walker (R-inc) 46%, 1% undecided

Wisconsin Senate

MM, LV, Oct 29-31, n=604, +/-4.1%

Tammy Baldwin (D-inc) 53%, Leah Vukmir (R) 44%, 3% undecided

Name Recognition

Trump 44% favorable/ 52% unfavorable

Baldwin 49% favorable/ 44% unfavorable

Vukmir 40% favorable/ 43% unfavorable

Walker 45% favorable/ 50% unfavorable

Click here for the full results.

Let’s keep up the momentum and have the Blue Wave hit Wisconsin hard. Click below to get out the vote for Evers and his fellow Wisconsin Democrats campaigns:

Tony Evers for Governor

Tammy Baldwin for Senate

Mandela Barnes for Lt. Governor

Josh Kaul for Attorney General

Randy Bryce for Congress

Dan Kohl for Congress