WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki throws the bipartisanship question back at Republicans. You are the outliers

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki strikes again. She takes a question meant to hit Biden on bipartisanship into a weapon against Republican politicians.

Jen Psaki continues her excellence.

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I love the manner that Jen Psaki uses to take control of her newsroom. What makes her good is that she does it with a smile as she is slicing through many. Her wit and pleasantness easily magnetically captures one’s attention.

When a reporter attempts to, once again, ad nauseam, put into the ethos that Joe Biden is failing at bipartisanship, she answers, not in a defensive manner, but on offense. It is a technique that, as time goes on, will ensure that the silly questions or either not asked or, if asked, seen for exactly what they are.

I love her response to this time as well. Psaki points out that most Americans, including Republicans, support the COVID Relief Bill. She then provides the zinger. The real question, she points out, is why are the Republican politicians the outliers.

Jen then went on to talk about bipartisanship and an infrastructure bill. She made it clear that the President and Republicans, and others have been discussing infrastructure for some time. As such, she does not anticipate problems with bipartisanship. In other words, she has placed the baseline. And now, if there is a failure, she has laid the path for justifiable Republican blame.

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  • March 5, 2021