GOP Senator checked by MSNBC host on COVID Relief Bill. Minimum Wage!

MSNBC Host Hallie Jackson went toe to toe with GOP Senator. Jen Psaki turns the table again. Democrats against the $15 minimum wage?

Minimum Wage & Democrats?

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  • Sen. Bernie Sanders’ last-ditch effort to reattach a $15 minimum wage provision to the Senate coronavirus relief package failed Friday morning after 8 members of the Democratic caucus joined all 50 Republicans in voting down the Vermont senator’s amendment. “Every single Dem who voted against a $15 minimum wage should be primaried,” declared Krystal Ball, host of HillTV‘s “Rising.”
  • W.H. Press Secretary Jen Psaki continues swatting questions while using them to further expose Republicans and push Biden’s narrative.
  • Republican Politicians, completely against their voters’ attempt to mislead on the COVID Relief Bill. Hallie Jackson checked Sen. Braun.

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  • March 5, 2021