Trump Hasn't Defeated Isis, He's Abandoning the Kurds to Placate Erdogan and Protect MBS. Updated

So Hair Fuhrer just tweeted this a short amount of time ago….

And he is lying…natch. 

Isis has not been defeated.

I can’t crack the WSJ paywall but Canada’s Globe and Mail’s Senior International Correspondent Mark MacKinnon tweeted this this morning….

And here is Richard Engel discussing the situation:

Trump is going to try to frame this as a major FP victory when, in reality, he is giving the Russians a free hand in Syria, just what they want, and betraying our steadfast allies, the Kurdish KPG fighters who have been such a help to us in both Syria and Iraq.

We can’t let him get away with this perfidy and have to counter his lie wherever we hear or see it.